Tomato and Blue Plate Mayo sandwich on soft white bread

The Blue Plate® Family

Making life more flavorful since 1927


Introducing Blue Plate® Sauces, two classic Southern sauces crafted with the good stuff – Blue Plate Mayo! Slather our Creole Tartar Sauce on fried fish, hushpuppies and more, and serve up our Creamy Cocktail Sauce with boiled shrimp, fresh oysters, or any Gulf seafood feast.

Blue Plate Real Mayo

Real Mayonnaise

Since 1927, we’ve made our Real Mayonnaise from a simple, time-honored recipe of oil, vinegar and only the egg yolks, making it extra rich and creamy.

Featured by Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines and America’s Test Kitchen in their Mayonnaise Taste Tests for its more homemade flavor.

Blue Plate Olive Oil Mayo

Light Mayonnaise with Olive Oil

Same rich flavor and creamy texture of Blue Plate® Mayonnaise, with the added benefits of olive oil, and half the calories and fat.

Blue Plate Light Mayo

Light Mayonnaise

Same rich taste and creamy texture of Blue Plate® Mayonnaise, with half the calories and fat.

Blue Plate Spicy Mayo

Hot & Spicy Mayonnaise

Blue Plate fans have discovered their deep burnin’ love for our Hot & Spicy Mayonnaise, a fiery union of Blue Plate’s traditional rich ‘n creamy, only-the-egg-yolks recipe with a kick of New Orleans style, cayenne-pepper heat – and a new look!

Blue Plate Sandwich Spread

Sandwich Spread

Blue Plate® Mayonnaise is blended with sweet relish to add tang and sweetness to your sandwiches, salads, deviled eggs and other recipes.

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