Hogs for the Cause 2021 – Taste the Win!

Hogs For The CauseDozens of teams enter. A few will reign supreme.

Consistently voted the Best Local Charity Event in New Orleans, Hogs For The Cause is a festival and BBQ competition described as “a sweet, savory blend of all the things that are amazing in life: music, an incredible cause, family and friends, and the most delicious (and often over-the-top!) pork dishes on Earth.”

Look for Blue Plate Mayo & Luzianne Tea at Hogs 2021

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Winning Sides to Make at Home

As many as 90 teams compete in categories such as Ribs, Whole Hog, Pork Shoulder and ‘Porkpourri’, and fest-goers get to try every dish (washed down with local beer), judge for themselves which is their favorite, and then burn it off dancing to the sounds of local New Orleans and national musical acts.

What’s more, there’s a Best BBQ Sides competition proudly sponsored by the BBQ lovers here at Blue Plate Mayonnaise! Wow the friends and fam at your next cookout with these winning sides recipes from past Hogs For The Cause competitions:

Smoky “Elote” (Smoked Corn)

Smokey Elotes

Anytime the smoker is fired up is the time to make Mexican-style whole corn, wrapped in husks and seasoned with chili powder, lime and other Tex-Mex flavors. This recipe by Team “Bacon Rouge” made the winners lineup in the Best Side Dish competition.

Spicy Kimchi Potato Salad

Kimchi Potato Salad

Team “Sweet Swine of Mine” created some winning Bacon Pinwheels at Hogs 2019, and they used this unique potato salad. To make the pinwheels, spread a layer of the potato salad on strips of bacon basted with Blue Plate Mayonnaise, roll them up into pinwheels, dip in Panko bread crumbs, pan-fry in avocado oil until golden and crispy and serve with Gochujan Mayo Sauce.

Sweet Swine of Mine, First Place winners

Sweet Swine of Mine, First Place, Blue Plate Best Side Category, 2019

Spicy Crab Shooters

Spicy Crab Shooters

This party-size tray of spicy sushi-grade crab served in clever cucumber cups was created by the “Swine Spectators” team and won first place in the Best Side Dish category in 2016. For smaller gatherings like game day at home or a dinner party, just halve the recipe.

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn

In 2016, this recipe from Team “Chew Forks Farm” team made the winning lineup in the Best Side Dish category. Based on the tradition of corn sold by street vendors at festivals and events in Mexico and the Southwest, it’s a great twist on favorite flavors.

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