Blue Plate is the Official Mayo of Po-Boys!

Inside every great po-boy, there’s one great mayo.

On June 1, 2024, in the courtyard of the New Orleans Jazz Museum down in the French Quarter, an historic announcement was made. Lt. Governor of Louisiana Billy Nungesser proclaimed Blue Plate Mayo to be the Official Mayo of Po-Boys – and we could not be more proud.

The official State of Louisiana certificate proclaiming Blue Plate Mayonnaise to be the Official May of Po-Boys.

Leidenheimer’s, Chisesi’s and Parkway joined in the fun.

Our friends from Leidenheimer Baking Co., Chisesi Brothers Meats and Parkway Bakery & Tavern were with us for the historic moment. Plus, the crowd got to taste some great local po-boys, dressed with the good stuff of course – Blue Plate! The festivities were accompanied by the sounds of the Egg Yolk Jubilee Band, who performed a jazzy set as a nod to Blue Plate’s only-the-egg-yolks recipe, which makes our mayo extra rich ‘n creamy.

Our friends from Parkway Bakery and Po-Boys were on hand to help serve samples of some classic po-boys to the crowd.

Justin from Parkway Bakery & Tavern was on hand to help serve samples of some classic po-boys to the crowd.

The great po-boy takeaway.

The message everyone left with was this: Whether it’s a messy roast beef debris, a fried shrimp, a hot sausage, or a Chisesi ham and Swiss, our po-boys are a testament to the flavors that make this city unique. So let’s dress them right!

Egg Yolk Jubilee Band performs at the event.

The Egg Yolk Jubilee Band performed in a jazzy nod to Blue Plate’s only-the-egg-yolks recipe – the secret to our rich ‘n creamy taste!

Po-boys and Blue Plate Mayo go way back.

Since it was first made in New Orleans in 1927, Blue Plate Mayo’s rich and creamy, all-egg-yolk recipe has been the go-to for sandwiches, salads and dressings. After the po-boy came along in 1929, “dressing it” with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayonnaise soon followed. And the rest is history that’s still in the making, every time we make or enjoy a New Orleans style po-boy, dressed.

A member of the New Orleans Baby Dolls poses in front of Blue Plate's gigantic po-boy.

Daisy, a member of the historic marching and masking group The Baby Dolls of New Orleans, poses in front of “Dat Giant Po-Boy from Blue Plate.”

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