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It’s Official:
Blue Plate® Mayonnaise
is the People’s Favorite.


I only eat Blue Plate. Family didn't believe I could tell the difference. They set up a 6 jar blind tasting. To trick me they put Blue Plate on 2 of the samples. Not a problem, I picked both of them. — Patricia G.

My greatest memory of my childhood is my grandmother picking the biggest tomato hot from the midday sun and making us tomato sandwiches slathered with Blue Plate mayonnaise. Now I carry on the tradition with my 7 beautiful grandies! — Barbara M.

Blue Plate Mayonnaise is the mayonnaise I grew up with and the only mayonnaise allowed in my house. No other wannabe can match Blue Plate for flavor – it gives homegrown tomato sandwiches, potato salad, deviled eggs and any other dish a flavor that others try to imitate. Thank you, Blue Plate Mayonnaise! — David F.

My dad loves Blue Plate Mayonnaise – won’t eat anything but it. So my mom washes a Blue Plate jar and puts the cheap, always on sale mayo/spread/whatever you want to call it in the Blue Plate jar. We get home one day and my dad was on the phone with the Blue Plate people telling them something was wrong with their mayo. This was before the internet. Mom had to hang up the phone to explain and she only buys Blue Plate for him. — Royann L.

I use Blue Plate on all sandwiches, potato salads, macaroni salads, pasta salads, coleslaw, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken salad mix, cake recipes. Blue Plate has always and will always be the mayonnaise for my family – it's a family tradition. — Sherry T.

Be it shrimp mold, potato salad, a roast beef po-boy, deviled eggs, crab dip, ham and swiss, Momma taught me that it had to be Blue Plate, and she was right! Nothing can compare! — Jeanine K.

My Daddy taught me the secret to making red beans and rice even better – a spoonful of Blue Plate on top every Monday. — Yvette M.

Deviled eggs, dawlin'. Dat's what I'm sayin'. Then there's the dipping sauce for crawfish – Blue Plate + catsup stirred together. That's it. Pure. Simple. Y'all make the best mynaise and I buy local. Dat's Blue + Plate! — Daniel T.

I use Blue Plate on the outside of my sandwich when toasted in a skillet (like grilled cheese) it makes a delightful crunch on the sandwich regardless of filling. My favorite is fried/poached egg with a good slice of cheese, spinach, onion, tomato on a good slice of mountain bread. — Denise R.

I love Blue Plate Mayo on my Grilled Cheese. The taste is like no other. Also on all my sandwiches and all my old school cooking. — Shugar B.

We use Blue Plate on everything and have used it for 60 years! We even take it with us on vacation because we can't find it sometimes when we are out of state. My favorite is to make tomato sandwiches and dips. — Reeca R.

My favorite mayo – I buy it by the gallon! It goes great on anything, but especially a big spoonful in a bowl of chili! Yummmy. — Kathy G.

Blue Plate mayonnaise is the only mayonnaise that we use in our house. The best way to use Blue Plate mayonnaise is to use it to make a dipping sauce for boiled shrimp. Blue Plate mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic powder, lemon juice and a sprinkle of pepper or hot sauce - yummy! — Mary F.

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