Comfort Foods & A Mother’s Love


In honor of Mother’s Day and mamas everywhere, let’s celebrate the comfort foods of childhood that always make us feel loved. You know the ones — the simple favorites you make for yourself and your family, because they bring so much joy. Whether tucked into lunchboxes, served as an after school snack, enjoyed on a lazy Saturday, or made for pretend tea parties, they’re the little indulgences that quietly say, “I love you.” Bring back delicious memories of Mama with these recipes:

Tomato Sandwich

When tomato season rolls around, create something simple yet magical, like Mama used to do. Add Blue Plate mayo and sliced, ripe tomatoes to your favorite toasted bread for the tastiest treat.


What could be more timeless than the humble BLT? Crispy bacon, ripe tomatoes, fresh lettuce, Blue Plate mayo, and hearty bread. It’s a sandwich stuffed with love. Get the whole family in on it with a BLT bar.

Perfect Grilled Cheese

For kids and adults alike, the perfect grilled cheese brings ooey gooey satisfaction. Mom’s tip: spread mayo on the outside of each slice of bread for a gorgeous golden brown hue that won’t burn (because mayo has a higher smoke point than butter).

Southern Style Tuna Salad

Classic tuna salad sandwiches are a forever lunchbox favorite. This particular recipe features sweet pickle relish, which adds a nice little crunch and an extra burst of flavor.

Basic Stuffed Eggs

An oldie but a goodie, stuffed eggs are always appreciated. Whip up these creamy stuffed eggs, and watch them disappear.

Southern Drop Biscuits

Making fluffy homemade biscuits is easier than you think and a great way to make a Saturday mornings feel special.

Cucumber Sandwiches

These finger sandwiches remind us of simple times when we were little and hosted pretend tea parties. Featuring a fluffy mixture of cream cheese, chives, cucumber, and mayonnaise, they were also savored at potlucks and socials.